System Design Reviews (SDR) / Threat Modeling (TM) is conducting during the Design phase of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). TM is conducted to identify Assets, existing Security Controls, possible Threat Agents and report any missing Security Controls at the architecture level. TM assesments helps:

  • * Reduce 90% of the redesign efforts
  • * Identify architecture flaws at the Design phase
  • * Address infrastructure and application vulnerabilities
  • * Meet Organization Standards and Industry Compliance

Security source code review (SCR) is conducted during the Develop phase of SDLC. SCR is conducted to identify security vulnerabilities at the code level. These vulnerabilities, if left undetected can compromise the entire system. SCR assessments help:

  • * Report code level vulnerabilities
  • * Developers to fix security vulnerabilities while developing the product / application
  • * Reduce production maintenance cost
  • * Secure code to be moved to production

Dynamic Security Testing (DST) is conducted during the Test phase of SDLC. DST is conducted to identify real-time application level vulnerabilities and assist the development teams to fix the reported vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities, if left undetected can allow external attackers or hackers to exploit application level flaws and even compromise the application. DST assessments help:

  • * Identify real-time security vulnerabilities
  • * Assists the developers in fixing issues before the code is moved to production
  • * Application to be compliant with Industry and Organization standards

Penetration testing (PT) is conducted during the Deploy phase of SDLC. PT is conducted at both the application and network level to provide proof of concept with real-time attack scenarios. This assessment involves testing from both outside and inside the network. PT helps:

  • * Exploit security vulnerabilities and network issues throughout of the environment
  • * Identify both network and application level flaws
  • * Determine and report any unauthorized access to application and network
  • * Developers fix real-time security issues



Management and Reporting System [MaRS] is a in-house Product to manage all your security vulnerabilities


Security as a Service [XaaS] integrates Security into each phase of your software development program


On-demand Training [OdT] are customizable security specific training programs foryour Organization


Managed Services [MS] allows you to concentrate on your crucial Business activities while we manage all your Critical services


Annual Maintenance and Support [AMS] provides a vast range of IT Services, including Softwares, Computer peripherals, etc. that helps run your daily Business.


Software Development as a Service [SDaaS] is one of the common services we provide to design, develop new or maintain your existing Products.


Security Automation [SA] helps identify your repetative manual security tasks and bring in innovative automation process to speed your manual tasks


Business Continuity Managed Services [BCMS] provides a vast range of IT Services, from Softwares to Computer peripherals that help your Business


Threat Intelligence [TI] is a process of gathering, analyzing and providing the relevant Vendor patch updates / hot fix details for the prevailing Threats

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